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Siemon S110 Wire Managers
S110/S210 Cable Manager

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The S110/S210 cable managers provide an economical, superior cable management solution in a compact space. Their 1 RMS and 2 RMS size and large capacity provide excellent cable management for 19" rack mount installations.
S110-RWM-01 19" S110/S210 Cable Manager, 1 RMS, w/Cover, Black $25.00 [Add to Cart]
S110-RWM2-01 19" S110/S210 Cable Manager, 2 RMS, w/Cover, Black $45.50 [Add to Cart]

Wall Mount S110/S210 Cable Manager

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The Siemon S110/S210 cable managers are the foundation of a series of cable management products that are designed to support S110 or S2100 cross-connects and patch panel applications. They can be order individually for field assembly in wall-mount applications. The cable managers are manufactured with high-strength, flame-retardant thermoplastic, and have been designed for easy cable insertion or withdrawal. The 2 RMS cable manager provides additional capacity for high-density patching applications. Siemon S110/S210 covers can be snapped on to provide color-coding and keep cables hidden.
S110A1RMS Wall Mount S110/S210 Cable Manager w/Legs, 1 RMS, White $8.25 [Add to Cart]


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