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The benefit of using the correct length with IEC Power Cords




- Color coded for easy identification.
- With proper length power cords, cable management accessories are not needed
IEC Power Cords

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Don't waste valuable real estate in the back of the rack. IEC Power Cords eliminate space-wasting excess cable slack in rack installations. Available in multiple sizes, these cords can be substituted for standard power cords provided with electronic components. Choose the appropriate length to provide a shorter path from component to power strip, eliminating unnecessary cable loops, and helps prevent system noise from stray AC magnetic fields. Cords feature connector in coordinating colors to allow easy identification during installation and servicing.

Sold in packs of four (1 each color: Black, Brown, Gray, and White)


Part Number


IEC-6X4 6" IEC power cord 4
IEC-12X4 12" IEC power cord 4
IEC-18X4 18" IEC power cord 4
IEC-24X4 24" IEC power cord 4
IIEC-36X4 36" IEC power cord 4

Middle Atlantic IEC-6X4 IEC Power Cords 6" $26.30 [Add to Cart]
Middle Atlantic IEC-12X4 IEC Power Cords 12" $28.95 [Add to Cart]
Middle Atlantic IEC-18X4 IEC Power Cords 18" $31.60 [Add to Cart]
Middle Atlantic IEC-24X4 IEC Power Cords 24" $34.20 [Add to Cart]
Middle Atlantic IEC-36X4 IEC Power Cords 36" $39.50 [Add to Cart]


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